Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy First Birthday Maggie

Happy first birthday to our sweet baby girl. It is almost impossible for me to believe that we are already celebrating your first birthday! You have become such a fun, loving, wonderful little girl, and we are so glad that God blessed us with you in our lives. We are enjoying your beautiful smile and your curiosity. It is so much fun to watch you crawl and cruise around the house to discover new things. There is not much better than watching your eyes light up as you discover something new or figure out how to say a new word. We Love, Love, Love you!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

I recently realized that I have been missing from blogland for way over a month, so here are some pictures to catch you up on what has been happening at the Keefer house. We have been super busy and had a lot of exciting things happen. We celebrated my birthday and Father's Day. My best friends from college came to visit for a Girls Weekend. I ran two 5K races and ran my best time yet (24:53). Maggie started crawling, and we also celebrated her baptism. Ben perfected the art of somersaulting and both kids have been enjoying time in the pool, tractor rides, kite flying, and lots of swinging. Our garden is growing beautifully, and we are really enjoying summer. We also got a new mower that cut Bob's mowing time nearly in half. We celebrated a year of living in our new house and had the biggest storm since we have moved in. We spent the past weekend camping, and I hope to post pictures and details from that soon. We hope that you are enjoying summer as much as we are!

Ben and Maggie LOVE going for tractor rides around the yard.
Here is a shot of our garden a few weeks ago. It
is even bigger now. I will try to post more pictures soon.
It is half vegetable garden and half flower garden.

Here we are checking out Bob's new mower. He
has never been so excited about mowing before. :)

Here we are in the basement during the big storm.
We camped out on an air mattress until all signs of danger
passed. The kids got to stay up late that night. It knocked
our swing set over and blew some pieces off of our pole barn, but
everyone was okay.
Here are the kids enjoying our little pool. We are so
glad we put it up this year. It has been a hot summer.
Summertime and the living is easy!

Here is a pic of Bob and the kids on Father's Day.
He is such a good daddy and aren't they cute!

Every year myself and three of my college friends get together for
a girls weekend. This was my year to host, and it was great seeing
the girls again and getting some catch up time.
Each year we celebrate our birthdays while we are together.
I made a strawberry angel food cake for dessert.

Here we are celebrating Maggie's baptism.

Here is our darling little girl with her grandparents.

Thanks to Uncle Joe and Aunt Chrissy for accepting the role
of being Maggie's Godparents.
Maggie did a great job during her baptism.
Our pretty little girl.

Ben has perfected his somersault. He is also not using a
sippy cup anymore. It is almost scary how fast he is
growing up.
Maggie started crawling and climbing stairs. She is getting
so close to her first birthday.

Grandpa Cormany and I have birthdays just one day apart
and Julia's is close behind, so we all get to celebrate together.

Jessica, Mom, and I did a 5K to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
We had a lot of fun and somehow all dressed in pink. :)
I don't have any pics of my other 5K. It was in Albion and was my first solo
5K without a friend or family member to run with. I think my next will be in either
August or September.