Saturday, November 26, 2011


I'm not sure how another season has nearly passed us by, but winter seems to be on the way.  It is certainly time for me to catch you up on what has been happening around here.  I am going to attempt to post all of my pictures in two different posts.  Blogger has not been my friend lately.  This is my fourth attempt at uploading pictures for the blog, and I have decided to put up as many as I can and hopefully add the rest later. 


Over the Labor Day holiday we camped with the Keefer family and despite all the rain we had a great time.  I think that Brown County is one of my favorite state parks.  The scenery is just so beautiful there.


Ben played his very first season of soccer this fall.  He learned a great deal and improved throughout the season.  He spent a lot of his time watching and chasing after a cute little girl named Emma on his team.  Hopefully next season he will be able to focus less on the girls and more on the ball but at least he had fun.  :)


Not only did Ben play soccer for the first time, he also started school this fall.  He attends preschool at a local church three days a week for a few hours each time and LOVES it!  He told me recently that it is like a fun playdate where he also gets to learn new things.  I hope he always has a passion for learning!  Although I miss him while he is gone, I love that he is getting used to being on a school schedule and learning to follow directions from someone other than me.  I also love that he is making new buddies and having fun!


This fall Ben got to attend his first field trip.  I was able to go along, and it was a blast.  We went to a local pumpkin farm.  The kids learned about farming and pumpkins, took a hayride, watched a cider press, visited a petting zoo, and picked their own pumpkin and gourd to take home. 


We recently set up the tripod in our back yard and made an attempt at getting some family pictures.  Here are my favorites.  I think this is our second year of taking family pictures in the fall, which might mean that it is now a tradition.  :)  I am the only person in our little family who wants this to be a tradition, but I just love looking back to see how much the kids have grown and changed.