Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maggie's Birthday Party

We celebrated Maggie's first birthday a few weekends ago and wanted to share some pictures of all the fun. Thanks to all her cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who came to help us celebrate!

Here is the birthday girl.
Doesn't she look like a cute little pixie in her green tutu?
Thanks to Grandma Gaerte for making that for us.

All the men helped out at the grill.

Maggie had fun playing with cousin Sara.

Apparently birthday parties are just exhausting.

Here is a shot of everyone enjoying lunch in our basement.

Time for birthday cake!!!
Yummy, this is pretty good.

What a mess.

Maggie got a quick bath in the laundry room sink to wash
off all the cake, and Grandma Keefer caught it on camera.
Thanks Grandma.

Time for presents.

Thank you for all the fabulous gifts!

Grandpa Gaerte provided the entertainment for the kiddos.
There is nothing like a barrel train ride to top off cake and gifts.
He even made smaller barrels for the babies.

Bob thought that Maggie's party would be a great
time to shoot off some old model rockets. From the way it
looks everyone was quite entertained by it.

Friday, August 6, 2010


After much debate about what we should do for our family vacation this year, we decided on a staycation. We decided that it would be fun to check out some of our local attractions and enjoy some time at home, instead of trying to get the kids to nap in hotel rooms and stay happy on long car trips. We also wanted to celebrate Maggie's first birthday at home and have time to get ready for her first birthday party. We packed a lot into a short week. We went to St. Joseph, Michigan to enjoy the beach, visited Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, had a picnic at a local park, played at the downtown FW library, visited Parkview Field to check out the baseball stadium, paddle boated at Chain O' Lakes, celebrated Maggie's first birthday, and even got to visit with family.
Chain O'Lakes State Park
Although we didn't plan it, the kids enjoyed playing in the water
at Chain O'Lakes. Unfortunately we didn't get any pics when we
were paddle boating.
Look at this trick!

Skipping rocks.

What a pretty sunset.
Parkview Field
Here we are checking out Parkview Field.
FW Downtown Library
The kids always enjoy playing at the downtown
library and having Daddy along made it even more

Birthday Girl
Cake is yummy!

A smash cake all for me.

At Black Pine we got to feed the animals right out of
our hands. Both kids really enjoyed that.

Maggie always enjoys playing at the park, so
we decided to do that as part of her birthday celebration.

A picnic lunch at the park was a great way to celebrate
Maggie's summer birthday.

Maggie had blueberry pancakes for her birthday breakfast.

Here she is checking out part of her birthday gift.

Good morning birthday girl!

A Trip to St. Joseph Michigan
We started our staycation on Monday evening with a trip
to St. Joseph Michigan. We went out to dinner, played at
the beach, and then stayed overnight in a hotel. In the morning
we went to the Curious Kids Museum, swam at the beach, rode
the carousel, and did some shopping and sightseeing downtown. If you
have never been to St. Joseph we recommend you go. It is such a cute little
town. We love that there is such a nice beach town so close to us (even if
it isn't the ocean).

Ben loved the carousel.

The town is filled with statues of dogs. Ben
liked this one because he thought it looked like
Mudge (from Henry and Mudge).

Ben enjoyed sightseeing around town.

Ben with another doggie.

Not only is there a wonderful beach, there is also a fabulous
splash pad in St. Joe. Maggie was much more excited about it
than Ben.

Mommy and Maggie as news anchors at the
Curious Kids Museum.

Daddy and Ben playing news anchors.

Maggie enjoyed climbing in the building that
Daddy and Ben built.

Ben got to dress up as a firefighter.

Family picture at the hotel. This might be our
best family shot ever. Everyone is looking and smiling.
Too bad we are sitting on a hotel bed. :)


Ben and Mommy enjoying a sunset at the beach.

Ben LOVES the beach!

Sand does not taste very good.

Someone dug a giant hole in the sand. What fun!

This place is great!

Sand angel.

We've got our toes in the water...

Pretty baby!

The beach is like one giant sandbox.