Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lost But Not Forgotten

It seems to be a trend lately that our blog often gets forgotten when life gets busy. I am learning that some things just have to be put on the back burner sometimes. Several years ago before I was a mommy, I had visions of perfection when I thought about motherhood. I thought that my house would be spotless, my kids perfectly mannered, I would make perfect healthy, balanced meals daily, and my hair would get cut and highlighted on a regular basis. For some silly reason I preached about how I would never let my kids watch television or eat McDonald's. I had some high hopes. Now that I am the mommy of two wonderful kids I have learned that the idea of perfection is just that, an idea. I still do my best, but I have learned that it is okay if the kids watch Sesame Street while I am running, and that chicken nuggets will not harm them. I am also learning how precious this time in our lives is and that I should spend more time with my kiddos and husband and less time trying to meet some standard I set for myself. All that being said, I have been missing from blog land for quite some time and I apologize to those of you who check in for new pictures of the kiddos. I have posted a few below to catch you up on October and November. Enjoy!

Here we are at the Festival of Trees. Unfortunately we
could not get Maggie to put her blankie down and Ben was
not about to cooperate and smile.
We picked out our Christmas tree at a farm near our house.
We have gone to the same farm for the past three years and really
like their selection.
The kids always love it when they get to help cook.
Here they are helping with some desserts for Thanksgiving.

Random shot of Bob reading to the kids before bed.

I decided to take some practice shots for the
Christmas card this year. Can you tell that my
kids are used to me taking their pictures.
So handsome!

Blueberry Eyes

This is another random shot, but I think it is so
adorable how both kids go to the window every morning to
wave as Bob leaves for work.
After trick or treating on Halloween we went to a
fire station with Grandma and Grandpa Keefer and
Uncle Tom and Aunt Diane. The kids got their faces
painted, played games, and took a hayride.

Ben and Maggie enjoyed visiting Grandma and Grandpa
Gaerte to trick or treat.

We realized right before we were ready to pull out
of the driveway to go trick or treating that we had
not taken any pictures of the kids in their costumes.
Ben was not happy that I postponed his fun.
Here are the kids with the Jack O' Lantern that they
helped carve. Hopefully you can see them in the dark
Maggie really enjoyed digging the goop out of the pumpkin.

Scooping out goop.

Here are the kids drawing what they think Bob should carve on
the pumpkin.