Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lost Pictures

Last week while we were visiting Mom/Grandma's house, she pointed out that I had not updated my blog in a really long time.  She was absolutely right.  I have never been good at keeping this blog updated.  You would think with as many pictures as I take that it would be a breeze, but I just have no patience when it comes to downsizing all the photos and then waiting for them all to upload.  Anyway, I decided that day that I would spend some time updating.  While the kids were napping I opened up my program where I view and edit my photos and saw that almost every one of my pictures from the past four years was gone!!!! My initial feeling was PANIC!  I emailed Bob and asked if he knew what had happened.  He called me back to say that he had noticed the missing pics several days before and had meant to ask me the same thing.  He did assure me though that all of the pictures were backed up and safe...somewhere.  He later found the pictures and made everything better.  Thank goodness for my smart/handy husband who can fix anything!  I swear he has saved us so much money in handyman, plumbing, electrical, mechanic, and tech support over the past 7.5 years.  It seems that he can fix almost anything. 
Anyway, here are some pics from Christmas time (only a full month late).  ;)

 Here is a picture of Ben in his Christmas choir at preschool.  He got to sing a solo (the only solo in the entire program).  The other kids all sang the first verse of Away in a Manger and he sang the second and third verses all by himself. 

 Here we are at Dad and Mom's before opening mountains of gifts. 

 Santa visited!  Don't be fooled by the look on Maggie's face.  She was very happy.  Santa filled their stockings and left them each a few gifts under their little tree upstairs.  He also loved the chocolate milk and cookies they left (He said so in his letter).  :)

After opening their gifts from Santa, the kids tore into their gifts from us.  Then we had a yummy brunch and everyone got ready for church. 

Aren't they sweet in their Christmas outfits?

After church we headed to Grandpa and Grandma Keefer's.  Here is a group shot of almost all of the grandkids.  Baby Ellie was born just a few days after Christmas.

 Okay, so I am almost embarrassed to show you these next two pictures.  Bob insists that we take a picture every year with everything the kids got for Christmas.  Can we say spoiled!  Between gifts from great grandparents, two sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles, and us, they make out like bandits.  Maybe next year we will convince everyone to scale back a bit.