Saturday, October 16, 2010

While You Were Out

Bob recently traveled to India for work and was gone for almost eight full days. Several of those days were flight days for him, but we missed him a ton. This was the longest stretch that he had ever been away from the kids. I think the longest he had been gone in the past was five or six days. We tried to stay as busy as possible while he was away to make the days pass quickly. Let me tell you that we were so happy to have him back home, and we are very thankful for the Internet and video chatting. While he was gone we went to watch cousins play soccer, went to church at Grandma and Grandpa Gaerte's church, went to the Apple Festival, went to the zoo with Aunt Jess, had a fun play date, and spent the night at Grandpa and Grandma Gaerte's house. Below are some pictures of what we did while Daddy was gone.
Here are the kids before heading to church.
We had time to snap some shots because we are used to being at church
in Fort Wayne almost an hour and a half earlier than we had to
be at their church.
This was just a random shot of the kids in their jammies.
It finally got cold enough while Bob was gone that we had to
break out the warm p.j.'s.

We had a great time with Aunt Jess at the zoo.

After the zoo we visited the Miller Mini Farm for a few minutes
to see the newest goat.
The kids really really enjoyed staying the night at
Grandpa and Grandma's house. We got to stay up late and watch
a movie and Grandma made them pancakes for breakfast.
Ben made a point of telling me that he likes the pancakes
Grandma makes better than mine, because she doesn't put
blueberries in hers. He doesn't like it when I sneak fruit in
his pancakes. They also love playing with the toys at Grandpa and
Grandma's, and they got to pick and eat fresh raspberries from the garden.
I unfortunately didn't get Dad (Grandpa) in any pictures. He had already
left for work when I started taking pics.

We made our weekly trip to the library and got
some new books. Here are the kids checking out
their newest selections.
Before Bob arrived home we made some cookies for him.
We also taste tested a few. :)

Here are the kids waiting for Bob to arrive home.
We got really lucky and had a beautiful sunny day, and
the combines were out harvesting while we waited.

Daddy brought us souvenirs from India and from several
airports. Maggie and I both got Indian tunic blouses. Ben got
some squishy robots, a magnetic make a face, and an Indian
noise making toy. Maggie also got a cute little book. I doubt you
can see Ben's treasures in the picture below, but he had to have a picture
of himself with his new things because Maggie and I got ours taken.

After Bob arrived home we took advantage of the beautiful weather
and went to Chain O'Lakes to play and hike.