Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

I think that this year may have been the busiest Christmas on record for us. We had six different celebrations within a week of Christmas, as well as several gatherings with friends before Christmas. We also had Bob's sister's family stay overnight after Christmas. It was busy, but also a lot of fun. More than anything I came away from Christmas this year feeling blessed and overwhelmed by the kindness of our family and friends. Thank you to everyone for all that you did!

I must tell you that there are a ton of pictures below, so prepare to be overwhelmed. You might also be interested to know that this is an extremely edited version of our celebrations. For some reason I didn't have my camera with me at several of our gatherings, but somehow I managed to take almost five hundred pictures in the month of December. I know, completely ridiculous!
Feel free to view this post in several sittings so you do not become overwhelmed :).

Checking out the perfect tree at Uncle Tom and Aunt Diane's.

Ben really enjoyed playing with this train under
Uncle Tom's tree. Cousin Michael showed him how to run
it, and it wasn't easy to pull him away from it.

Family picture with Santa.
Maggie does NOT like Santa.

Ben and Maggie on Christmas morning.
Check out that hair!!!

Maggie opening one of her favorite gifts - an Elmo.
She was sooooo excited when she saw what it was.
Ben opening one of his many gifts at Grandma's house.

Aunt Jess and Uncle Tedd

Uncle Justin and Aunt Danielle

Mom (Grandma)

Dad (Grandpa)

Here are Ben and Maggie showing off their adorable
aprons that my mom made them.

This year we got all of the Keefer girl cousins
matching tutus and hair bows. My friend
Stephanie makes them and they turned out
Keefer grandkids (minus baby Julie)

All the Keefer grandkids with Grandpa and Grandma

Keefer family shot

Ben and Maggie with all of their goodies. Thank you
to everyone for the gifts. They made out like bandits.

Ben and Maggie with cousin's Will and Sara.
Talk about a fun pajama party!

Maggie and Will watching some cartoons in the morning.

Ben and Will had fun playing in Ben's room.

Ben and Sara in the toy room.

Uncle Nate and Bob took a ride on the snowmobile before
all of the snow melted.

Bob, Ben, and Maggie getting ready to take a ride.

The kids got to spend a lot of quality time with Bob
while he was off work for Christmas. Here they
are playing in the snow.
Ben even got his tractor out for a little ride in the snow.

Bob took Maggie for a sled ride.