Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is on Its Way

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and we are enjoying an early slice of spring! Although there is still a chance that winter weather might return in the next few months, we are trying to enjoy every second of this beautiful weather. The past week was full of more birthdays. Happy birthday to Bob (Daddy), Uncle Joe, and Grandma Keefer. We spent our weekend enjoying family time, and we have spent our days outside as much as possible. Ben is enjoying being back on his tractor, and Maggie has even taken a few rides in the wagon. Today Ben was excited to wear his rain boots outside and stomp in the puddles. He ended up with mud up to his knees and all over his hands. He didn't seem to mind that he had to take a bath in the middle of the day and delay his nap. We hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful weather as much as we are.

Tractor Ride
I finally got a picture of both kids smiling at the same time.

Grandma and Maggie

Celebrating Bob's Birthday at Grandpa and Grandma Gaerte's

All of the Gaerte Grandkids

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe, Grandma, and Daddy

Maggie, Katie, and Sara Playing

Maggie is Getting so Big

Celebrating Bob's 30th at Home

Ben is becoming quite the artist. He drew a picture of himself with
Bear and wanted a picture with his picture :).

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  1. Great pictures! I love that first one. Ben's drawing is very good . . . how funny that he wanted his picture taken with it! My kids are like this, too. When I take pictures of them doing something, they always ask if I'm going to blog it!