Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter and Warm Weather

The end of March and the beginning of April have been very busy in Keefer Country! Below are some pictures from Easter, Grandma Gaerte's birthday, and the kids enjoying the warm weather.

This is a shot of our backyard last night after all the storms.
Such a great reminder of our awesome God!
Ben and Maggie after church on Easter Sunday

Wow, look at all this candy!

Ben is totally loving playing outside in the warm weather.

Maggie also enjoys being outside, and she really
likes watching what her big brother is doing.

My Cuties :)

Fun at the Park

Maggie is finally big enough for the swings at the park.

Swinging is Ben's FAVORITE!

More Fun at the Park

Aunt Jess took Ben to Build A Bear for his birthday gift.
Ben had a blast making Georgie the bear.

Ben and Aunt Jess

Happy Birthday Mom! We love and appreciate you so much.

I realize this picture is random, but I
just love how cute Maggie is after a bath.
Can't you just smell the baby shampoo and lotion.

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