Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Fun

If you know me, you know that spring and summer are my two favorite seasons. I absolutely love spending time outside. We have been keeping busy spending time with family and spending time outside. During the past few weeks we had a nice visit with Bob's cousin Molly who was back in town. Bob also spent a lot of time working on the swingset and a few other outdoor projects. Ben really enjoyed helping daddy get the swingset all ready and both kids are so glad to have it back out.

Ben and Maggie

A rare shot of Ben with a real smile on his face.

Ben had so much fun helping Bob set the swingset
back up for the summer!

We don't have sand in the sandbox yet, but Maggie
doesn't seem to mind.

Ben and Maggie both love to slide.

I think that Maggie might like swinging as much as Ben.

Daddy swinging the kids.

Molly came for dinner, and we really enjoyed catching
up with her.

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  1. Great pictures! Warm weather is awesome, so much better than that snow!