Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maggie is Eighteen Months

Guess who is eighteen months old already! Can you believe it? I know I can't. How has my tiny baby gotten so big already? It is almost impossible for me to believe that a year and a half has passed since we brought Maggie home. She has become quite the sweet little darling, and we LOVE her so much.
She is getting so big and smart. Recently she has started to name almost all of her shapes, she knows two colors now (red and blue), she knows two of her letters (O and M), and she is talking in phrases. She isn't quite using full sentences yet, but she has started to put three and four word phrases together. It is adorable how she loves to do everything her big brother is doing. She loves taking care of and loving her babies. She also loves to pretend read.
My favorite thing is that she uses her manners all the time. She says thank you, excuse me, and please. I am convinced that this must just be a girl thing, but I am loving it. Here are a few fun shots of her in her tutu. :)


  1. Super adorable pictures!! Happy 18 month b-day Maggie....your so beautiful! You looking smashing in that tutu!

  2. Great pictures! She's such a cutie! They grow up way too fast, I agree!