Thursday, May 26, 2011


So far May has been a very rainy month around here.  That has meant two things for us.  First of all we have been spending WAY too much time inside, and second we are enjoying every minute we can be outside to the fullest.  Here are a few pictures of all of the fun we have been having.

 The munchkins have been spending a lot of time
reading during all the rainstorms.

 We have taken quite a few picnics to Chain O'Lakes and then
hiked and played on the playground.  It is currently the kids
favorite place to be on sunny days.

 I enjoyed a very nice Mother's Day this year.  We spent
time with my mom and mother-in-law, and I even got my
oatmeal in bed in the morning.

 Here they are enjoying the sunshine in the backyard.

 The farmer across the road actually got his
field planted which meant free entertainment for
the kids.

 Uncle Tedd and Aunt Jess came over for a visit
and some block building last week.  We found out
that Uncle Tedd is quite the builder.
 Here is Maggie by Uncle Tedd's tower.

 Ben recently earned a day where he didn't have to
take his nap, so we went to the backyard and took some
pictures of him.

We also squeezed in a weekend camping trip to Chain O'Lakes.
The kids had a blast playing at the playground, playing with
Grandpa and Grandma Gaerte, taking walks, paddle boating, and
celebrating with Uncle Tedd before he leaves for the Army.  More pics are coming
soon of Uncle Tedd's going away gathering.

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