Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer (June)

I cannot believe how quickly summer is passing and that there are only a few more weeks before Ben heads to Kindergarten.  I am very melancholy about this fact.  I am going to miss having him home, but I know he is super excited about school (which makes me happy).  We are also only eight weeks away from meeting baby number three.  AHHH!  How in the world did this pregnancy pass so quickly?!?!?!  Anyway, if you were wondering what we have been up to around here you can check out the pics below.  These are from June, and I will try to post July pics soon.  :)


 We have visited the zoo several times this summer.  The first time
we went was with Ben's buddy Brady and his family. 

Ben finally got to go fishing in June.  He had been begging
forever!  He really enjoyed it and is ready to go again.

 We have visited Black Pine Animal Sanctuary multiple times
this summer.  It is close to our house and the kids love seeing
all the exotic animals so close.  Our favorite thing to do is
to head to Chain O' Lakes after a visit and have a picnic lunch.

Bob's work had a family night at the FW Tincaps, so we
went to our first game in June.  The kids really enjoyed the
Kid Zone and the dollar hot dogs.

We made an impromptu decision to take a vacation to Florida
around two weeks before we headed there on an airplane. 
Although the vacation started out bumpy, it turned out
great.  Tropical Storm Debbie decided to vacation in
FL the same week we did.  We were glad that she took off after
just a few days. 

While Debbie was wrecking her havoc, we found some
fun indoor activities.  We went to the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota,
did some shopping, saw the new movie Brave and also The Lorax.

After things cleared up we took a day to visit Disney.  The
kids LOVED it! 

Here we are visiting with Mickey and Minnie.

We also visited with several princesses. 

We spent a lot of time at the beach while in Florida and even
got to enjoy several beautiful sunsets.  I have to tell you that
Bob was awesome and did most of the work on our
beach days.  I spent most of my time on a beach chair
under an umbrella.

On our way back from Orlando, we stopped at Dinosaur World.
There were replica dinos and the kids also got to do a
fossil dig.

We also spent a lot of time in the pool while on vacation. 
Thank you so much to Grandpa and Grandma Cormany for letting
us stay in your place!  Every time we went to the pool Maggie
would ask us why there were other people in Grandma Cormany's
pool.  We tried to explain that it wasn't just theirs, but she didn't seem
to understand. 

We hope that you are having a wonderful summer!

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