Friday, August 6, 2010


How Does Our Garden Grow?
This is our first year with a garden at our new house, and it
has definitely been trial and error. Many of our flowers and
vegetables have grown beautifully, while others have not.
Several of our tomatoes have developed a condition called
blossom bottom rot and some critter keeps eating my Morning
Glories and Lillies. Overall though we are really enjoying our

Christmas in July
Because my extended family is so large and busy, we
celebrate Christmas in July instead of December.
We have a blast playing games, riding the zipline,
eating a ton of good food, and enjoying family time.

Ice Cream Social
One of our favorite events during TRF is the ice cream social.
We get to enjoy ice cream and listen to Grandpa Keefer play in
the band. Can you hear the tubas?

Maggie has recently started climbing on EVERYTHING.
She is quite a little monkey!

Ben came downstairs recently in this outfit and announced that
he was ready for the day. Keep in mind that it was around
90 degrees that day, and he chose a sweater, sweatpants
that are too small and his hair wasn't combed. He is becoming
quite the independent little boy. :)
Three Rivers Festival Parade
Every year we go to the TRF parade with the Keefer's. We
had a lot of fun this year even though it was really hot.

Fourth of July Camping Trip
We spent the fourth of July weekend camping with Grandpa and Grandma Gaerte.
We had so much fun and really enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
Below are some pics from that weekend.

Some Fun Shots of Ben

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