Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maggie's Birthday Party

We celebrated Maggie's first birthday a few weekends ago and wanted to share some pictures of all the fun. Thanks to all her cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who came to help us celebrate!

Here is the birthday girl.
Doesn't she look like a cute little pixie in her green tutu?
Thanks to Grandma Gaerte for making that for us.

All the men helped out at the grill.

Maggie had fun playing with cousin Sara.

Apparently birthday parties are just exhausting.

Here is a shot of everyone enjoying lunch in our basement.

Time for birthday cake!!!
Yummy, this is pretty good.

What a mess.

Maggie got a quick bath in the laundry room sink to wash
off all the cake, and Grandma Keefer caught it on camera.
Thanks Grandma.

Time for presents.

Thank you for all the fabulous gifts!

Grandpa Gaerte provided the entertainment for the kiddos.
There is nothing like a barrel train ride to top off cake and gifts.
He even made smaller barrels for the babies.

Bob thought that Maggie's party would be a great
time to shoot off some old model rockets. From the way it
looks everyone was quite entertained by it.

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