Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Cold February Week

We survived another cold February week and thought we would share some new pictures to prove it. Our week was a little slow, and I started to get cabin fever with all of the snow. My creative mom gave us a few ideas to beat the winter blahs. She suggested an indoor picnic and some time spent out in the snow. Ben loved both ideas, but Maggie was not so sure about going out in the snow.

We celebrated more birthdays this weekend. Happy birthday to Uncle Tedd last week and Aunt Jess will celebrate her birthday on the 23rd. While at Grandpa and Grandma's house we also celebrated Valentine's Day. We love celebrating with family!

Today after church we went out to lunch for Valentine's Day and then came home for a relaxing evening. Bob and Ben got in some snowmobile time and will tell you all about it if you just ask :). Ben is getting better and better at potty training. He started going all by himself this week (without us asking every hour). Hopefully this means that we are in the home stretch, but who knows.

Ben is really into Henry and Mudge books right now.
He keeps asking daddy if he can get a dog like Henry.
All ready for the snow!

Playing in the snow is so much fun!

Wow, thanks for the treats Grandpa and Grandma!

Happy birthday Aunt Jess and Uncle Tedd.

All of the girls pose for a pic.
Aunt Jessica and Ben built a pillow castle.

Happy Valentines Day!

Daddy and Maggie posed for a picture after church.
Aren't they adorable!


  1. Aww i re ally like the pic of Bob and Maggie, she looks super cute!

  2. Great pictures! I really like that last one - Maggie is soooo cute! She looks so much like you when you were little!