Sunday, August 28, 2011


Maybe it was because I knew that this was our last summer before Ben starts school or maybe it was because I am married to a Keefer, but for some reason we packed this summer super full of FUN!  We took another vacation at the beginning of August.  This trip was a little different though.  We decided to go on this trip to see Uncle Tedd graduate from his basic training.  About halfway through planning this trip we decided that we would also spend some time in Georgia visiting Bob's Aunt and Uncle.  We had an absolutely fabulous time in both places and the kids survived more driving than any child should have to endure in a weeks time (7 states!!!). 

Uncle Tedd's Graduation
We started our trip with a long drive to Columbia, SC.  Mom and Dad and Jess drove down together, and we drove down at a slightly slower pace behind them.  Let me just say that I have never stopped at so many rest areas in my life.  I suppose that is all part of trying to potty train a toddler.  :)  Almost the entire first day was spent driving and then we got to partake in Family Day at the base on the second day.  It was an awesome experience.  First of all my sister had not seen her hubby in months, so it was really sweet to see them reunite!  Second, it was interesting to see all the military stuff and the show they put on was really cool.  It was nice to see Tedd and hear all of his stories.  Needless to say, Ben is now obsessed with anything Army.  He talks about Uncle Tedd and the Army constantly. 

The third day was the actual graduation.  If you look at the last picture in this group you can see Tedd in the back right corner of his group on Graduation day.

After Uncle Tedd's graduation we left and headed to Georgia to visit Uncle Joe, Aunt Cindy, and Molly.  It was nice to spend some time relaxing with them and catching up.  They were wonderful hosts!  Aunt Cindy fed us super yummy food, and we swam in their big pool.  They took us on a tour of their town, and we had some barbecue and fried okra too.  The kids also got to ride on Aunt Cindy's John Deere tractor, and she sent them home with bags of goodies.  Thank you so much Aunt Cindy, Uncle Joe, and Molly for letting us stay with you and for all of your southern hospitality. 

Heading Home

On our way back home we stopped in Chattanooga, TN to go to church.  After church we took a drive around to see if there was anything interesting to do and found another cool spot.  There is an old train depot that is now a hotel and tourism area.  We had dinner in a train car and toured the area for a few hours before we were back on the road again heading for our next hotel.  The next day we woke up and headed for Cousin Will's fifth birthday party.  After a bit more fun family time we headed home for good.  It was a great trip but like always we were glad to be home.  I have to say that I am vacationed out for a while.  We will see how long that lasts.  :)

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