Sunday, August 28, 2011

July Wrap-Up

We wrapped up July with another fun mini trip and Ben's first trip to the dentist (finally).  He was originally scheduled to go during the winter, but the big blizzard hit and we had to reschedule.  Then we had to reschedule a second time because we decided to take our Michigan trip to Frankenmuth.  Luckily we finally found a time that would work, and I have to say I have never seen anyone enjoy the dentist as much as Ben.  I think the stickers and treats (silly bands and a new bouncy ball) helped, but he left saying that he could not wait to go back again.  The dentist said that all of his teeth look great.  Ben's favorite part was the strawberry fluoride treatment. 

Our mini trip was originally planned as a camping trip with our friends the Blooms.  However, it was decided that camping in 90+ degree weather would not be fun.  The guys asked for suggestions, and we all decided that a trip to St. Joseph, MI would be fun.  As most of you know, that is one of my favorite places.  It has a beach, cute little shops, a farmers market, and great scenery.  We hit it all and you can check out our pictures to prove it.  ;)

 Have you ever seen someone so happy to be at the dentist?

The first day of our trip was spent at the beach and at a kid's discovery zone that is next to the beach. 
 My Cuties!

 Mr. Sand Man

 Maggie is always trying to be just like Ben.

 After dinner we stopped at one of the lookout points to watch the sun
set over the water.  This was the best picture I could get of all
four kids, but at least it's proof that they were there.

 The sun setting over the water.

On day two of our trip we hit the farmers market and several
of the shops.  Here are the Ben's together.  Ben Keefer and
Ben Bloom. 

 Ben and Maggie both picked out a sunflower at
the farmer's market.

 There is a really fun toy store in downtown St. Joe. 
Maggie enjoyed playing with all of the kitchen toys.

 Here is another attempt at a group shot of the kids. 
There are chairs in different spots all around town. 
I think they were watching a man make fudge at Kilwin's in this shot.

 The carousel is always a hit with the kids.  Ben found Nemo
and Maggie wanted to ride a dolphin.

 Lindsay and Ben Bloom
Jake and Claire

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