Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Baby is Two!

If I could freeze time, now would be the time I would do it.  Many people will tell you that two is terrible, that it is the time when sweet little babies start throwing fits and getting an attitude.  I couldn't disagree more!  I think that (in my opinion and yes I am biased)  I have the sweetest, most adorable little girl in the whole world.  She might occasionally throw a fit, but usually only if she is tired or hungry.  I don't know if it is her big blue eyes or those chubby little cheeks, but she is absolutely everything I could have dreamed of when I thought of what it would be like to have a little girl.  I remember when I was pregnant with our little Miss Maggie and we had our ultrasound to find out if we were having a boy or girl.  When the doctor finally got a clear view and could tell that she was a girl, I got all excited and Bob got a little nervous.  He started saying things like, "What will she play with?  We only have trucks and tractors!  How am I going to change a girl!!!"  Let's just say that she is now the apple of his eye.  I love watching him watch her and tell her how adorable she is.  

She has really blossomed into a sweet and lovable girl.  She loves giving hugs and playing dress up and babies.  She also enjoys playing cars with her big brother and likes doing anything if he will pay attention to her.  She also loves to sit and color and draw.  She is a big talker and always has a lot to say.  It seems that every time we are out and about, people will stop us and ask how old she is.  When we tell them that she just turned two, they can't believe that her vocabulary is so large.

We asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted and she decided that she wanted a butterfly party.  We decided to go with a garden party theme that had butterflies and lady bugs.  
 Here is the birthday girl with her lady bug cake before the party.

 Thank you Grandpa Gaerte for bringing your super
fun barrel train to Maggie's party!

 Tearing into some gifts!!!

 Daddy and Maggie getting ready to blow out the candles.

 Maggie got her very own pink tricycle for her birthday.
Here she is trying to push Cousin Will up the hill in our
back yard.

All the kiddos also enjoyed a dip in our mini pool.

Maggie loved her second birthday party and wants to thank
all of her family that came to help her celebrate!

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